Production History

Fellowship Players’ Productions since 1947

1947-48Apr1948Yes and NoKenneth Horne
1948-49Feb1949Winter SunshineG A Thomas
1949-50Nov1949Square PegsUnknown
1950-51Nov1950First FiddleUnknown
1951-52Nov1951Happiest Days of Your LifeJohn Dighton
1952-53Nov1952Wishing WellE Eynon Evans
1953-54Nov1953Happy PrisonerJohn McNair
1954-55Nov1954Murder at the VicarageAgatha Christie
1955-56Nov1955Half a LoafFrederick Lonsdale
1956-57Nov1956Man in GreyEleanor Smith
May1957Down Came a BlackbirdPeter Blackmore
1957-58Sep1957Love’s a LuxuryHoile/Paxton
Apr1958Middle WatchStephen King-Hall
1958-59Sep1958Spider’s WebAgatha Christie
Apr1959Tons of MoneyAlan Ayckbourn
1959-60Sep1959Browning VersionTerence Rattigan
1960-61Nov1960BonaventureCharlotte Hastings
May1961Not in the BookArthur Watkyn
1961-62Dec1961Breath of SpringPeter Coke
May1962Summer in DecemberJames Liggatt
1962-63Oct1962When We Are MarriedJ B Priestley
May1963Friends and NeighboursAustin Steele
1963-64Nov1963Murder Out of TuneFalkland L Cary
Jan1964Pools ParadisePhilip King
Apr1964Intent to MurderLeslie Sands
1964-65Oct1964Hot and Cold in All RoomsMax Reitmann
Feb1965Goodnight Mrs PuffinArthur Lovegrove
Apr1965Cat on the FiddleJohn Dole
1965-66Nov1965Time Murderer PleaseCharles Dyer
Apr1966My Flesh, My BloodBill Naughton
1966-67Oct1966Two Dozen Red RosesKenneth Horne
Apr1967A Public MischiefKenneth Horne
1967-68Nov1967Johnny BelindaElmer Harris
Apr1968Person UnknownChase/Clayton
1968-69Nov1968Diplomatic BaggageJohn Chapman
Mar1969Spark in JudeaR.F. Delderfield
Apr1969The Noble SpaniardW Somerset Maugham
1969-70Oct1969It Won’t Be a Stylish MarriageA P Dearsley
Feb1970I’ll Get My ManPhilip King
1970-71Nov1970The Admirable CrichtonJ M Barrie
Mar1971A Boston StoryRonald Gow
1971-72Oct1971Eh?Henry Livings
Feb1972Birthday HonoursPaul Jones
1972-73Oct1972Hindle WakesStanley Houghton
Apr1973Arms and the ManG Bernard Shaw
1973-74Oct1973Plaza SuiteNeil Simon
Feb1974Lady Precious StreamS I Hsuing
1974-75Nov1974Collapse of Stout PartyTrevor Peacock
Dec1974Augustus Does His BitG Bernard Shaw
Apr1975Time and Time AgainAlan Ayckbourn
1975-76Oct1975The AnniversaryBill Macilwraith
Feb1976Home and BeautyW Somerset Maugham
1976-77Sep1976Black ChiffonLesley Storm
Mar1977Pillar to PostJohn Waterhouse
1977-78Oct1977Wedding of the YearNorman Robbins
Feb1978Out of the CrocodileGiles Cooper
Apr1978The Bespoke OvercoatWolf Mankowitz
1978-79Nov1978Who Killed Santa ClausTerence Feely
Apr1979Two and Two Make SexHarris/Darbon
1979-80Oct1979An Inspector CallsJ B Priestley
Feb1980Table MannersAlan Ayckbourn
1980-81Nov1980Arsenic and Old LaceJoseph Kesselring
Apr1981Bedroom FarceAlan Ayckbourn
1981-82Oct1981Outside EdgeRichard Harris
Feb1982Blithe SpiritNoel Coward
1982-83Oct1982Night WatchDavid Campton
Apr1983Round and Round the GardenAlan Ayckbourn
1983-84Oct1983Lord Arthur Savile’s CrimeWilde/Cox
Feb1984The Prisoner of Second AvenueNeil Simon
1984-85Oct1984Billy LiarWaterhouse/Hall
Nov1984Just Between OurselvesAlan Ayckbourn
Feb1985A Coat of VarnishRonald Millar
May1985Children’s DayWaterhouse/Hall
1985-86Oct1985Stage StruckSimon Gray
Feb1986Season’s GreetingsAlan Ayckbourn
Apr1986HarveyMary Chase
1986-87Oct1986Absurd Person SingularAlan Ayckbourn
Feb1987The Right Honourable GentlemanM Bradley-Dyne
Apr1987On Golden PondErnest Thompson
1987-88Oct1987Come On Jeeves!Wodehouse/Bolton
Feb1988The Skin GameJohn Galsworthy
Apr1988View from the BridgeArthur Miller
1988-89Oct1988Crimes of the HeartBeth Henley
Feb1989Chorus of DisapprovalAlan Ayckbourn
Apr1989The Poker SessionHugh Leonard
1989-90Oct1989Farndale Ave Murder MysteryMcGillivray/Zerlin
Feb1990An Enemy of the PeopleIbsen/Miller
Apr1990CorpseGerald Moon
1990-91Oct1990CurtainsStephen Bill
Feb1991PygmalionGeorge Bernard Shaw
Apr1991The March On RussiaDavid Storey
1991-92Oct1991Steel MagnoliasRobert Harling
Feb1992The Picture of Dorian GrayWilde/Anderson
Apr1992Ten Times TableAlan Ayckbourn
1992-93Oct1992Relatively SpeakingAlan Ayckbourn
Feb1993The Light of HeartEmlyn Williams
Apr1993Oh Clarence!John Chapman
1993-94Oct1993Separate TablesTerence Rattigan
Feb1994Habeas CorpusAlan Bennett
Apr1994Entertaining Mr SloaneJoe Orton
1994-95Oct1994House GuestFrancis Durbridge
Feb1995A Night on the TilesFrank Vickery
Apr1995Time and Time AgainAlan Ayckbourn
1995-96Oct1995Bazaar and RummageSue Townsend
Feb1996Run For Your WifeRay Cooney
Apr1996Beyond Reasonable DoubtJeffrey Archer
1996-97Oct1996When We Are MarriedJ B Priestley
Feb1997LootJoe Orton
Apr1997Natural CausesEric Chappell
1997-98Oct1997Cat’s CradleLeslie Sands
Feb1998Straight and NarrowJimmie Chinn
Apr1998HauntedEric Chappell
1998-99Oct1998Sylvia’s WeddingJimmie Chinn
Feb1999Bedroom FarceAlan Ayckbourn
Apr1999TheftEric Chappell
1999-2000Oct1999The Killing of Sister GeorgeFrank Marcus
Feb2000Who Killed Santa ClausTerence Feely
Apr2000The Odd Couple (Female Version)Neil Simon
2000-01Oct2000Murder for the AskingDerek Benfield
Feb2001The Deep Blue SeaTerence Rattigan
Apr2001Lord Arthur Savile’s CrimeWilde/Cox
2001-02Oct2001Day of ReckoningPam Valentine
Feb2002It Runs in the FamilyRay Cooney
Apr2002Triple ChinnJimmie Chinn
2002-03Oct2002Clerical ErrorsGeorgina Reid
Feb2003HeatstrokeEric Chappell
Apr2003Relative ValuesNoel Coward
Jun2003Respecting Your PiersPeter Quilter
2003-04Oct2003Pack of LiesHugh Whitemore
Feb2004Fly in the OintmentDerek Benfield
Apr2004Plaza SuiteNeil Simon
Jun2004Elsie and Norm’s MacBethJ C Wood
2004-05Oct2004The Prisoner of Second AvenueNeil Simon
Feb2005Fiddlers ThreeEric Chappell
Apr2005Dead GuiltyRichard Harris
Jun2005Barefoot in the ParkNeil Simon
Jul2005A Midsummer Night’s DreamWilliam Shakespeare
2005-06Oct2005Blood MoneyThe Heather Brothers
Feb2006The Trouble With Old LoversAngela Huth
Apr2006Blithe SpiritNoel Coward
Jun2006Steel MagnoliasRobert Harling
Jul2006Twelfth NightWilliam Shakespeare
2006-07Oct2006Journey’s EndR.C Sherrif
Feb2007Our TownThornton Wilder
Apr2007Abigail’s PartyMike Leigh
Jun2007Summer EndEric Chappell
2007-08Oct2007Dangerous LiaisonsChristopher Hampton
Feb2008Moon Over BuffaloKen Ludwig
Apr2008A Passionate WomanKay Mellor
Jun2008Oysters and SnailsPhilip Holyman
2008-09Oct2008Fly Me to The MoonJohn Godber
Feb2009The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole…Sue Townsend
Apr2009TreehousesElizabeth Kuti
Jun2009The Shakespeare ReviewLuscombe/ McKee
2009-10Oct2009Educating RitaWilly Russell
Feb2010London SuiteNeil Simon
Apr2010FlatspinAlan Ayckbourn
Jun2010RopePatrick Hamilton
2010-11Oct2010Spring & Port WineBill Naughton
Feb2011Something’s BurningEric Chappell
Apr2011The History BoysAlan Bennett
Jun2011DuetsPeter Quilter
2011-12Oct2011The GraduateTerry Johnson
Feb2012Allo ‘AlloCroft/ Lloyd
Apr2012PygmalionGeorge Bernard Shaw
Jun2012Little Shop of HorrorsAshman/ Menken
2012-13Oct2012Calendar GirlsTim Firth
Feb2013Life And BethAlan Ayckbourn
Apr2013HarveyMary Chase
Jun2013The Glass MenagerieTennessee Williams
2013-14Oct2013Ghost WriterDavid Tristram
Feb2014Stepping OutRichard Harris
Apr2014The Railway ChildrenMike Kenny
Jun2014Flare PathTerence Rattigan
2014-15Oct2014Cash On DeliveryMichael Cooney
Feb2015Present From The PastRichard Everett
Apr2015The Memory Of WaterSheelagh Stephenson
Jun2015VolunteersHilary Mackelden
2015-16Oct2015DraculaH Deane & JL Balderstone
Feb2016Brief EncounterNoel Coward/Emma Rice
Apr2016Caught In The NetRay Cooney
Jun2016Veronica’s RoomIra Levin
2016-17Oct2016BunkeredLynn Brittney
Feb2017GloriousPeter Quilter
Apr2017A Streetcar Named DesireTennessee Williams
Jun2017God Of CarnageYasmina Reza
2017-18Feb2018The Ghost TrainArnold Ridley
Apr2018Make It MurderJack Last
2018-19Oct2018Cheshire CatsGail Young
Feb2019Farndale Ave… “Macbeth”McGillivray/Zerlin Jr
Jun2019DeathtrapChristie/ Verner
2019-20Oct2019ParfumerieDowdall/ Laszlo
Feb2020Towards ZeroChristie/ Verner
2022Feb2022Nobody’s PerfectSimon Williams
April2022Quartermaine’s TermsSimon Gray
June2022Dead CertainMarcus Lloyd

Performing in Walsall since 1947

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