Production History

Fellowship Players’ Productions since 1947

Season Date Year Title Author
1947-48 Apr 1948 Yes and No Kenneth Horne
1948-49 Feb 1949 Winter Sunshine G A Thomas
1949-50 Nov 1949 Square Pegs Unknown
1950-51 Nov 1950 First Fiddle Unknown
1951-52 Nov 1951 Happiest Days of Your Life John Dighton
1952-53 Nov 1952 Wishing Well E Eynon Evans
1953-54 Nov 1953 Happy Prisoner John McNair
1954-55 Nov 1954 Murder at the Vicarage Agatha Christie
1955-56 Nov 1955 Half a Loaf Frederick Lonsdale
1956-57 Nov 1956 Man in Grey Eleanor Smith
May 1957 Down Came a Blackbird Peter Blackmore
1957-58 Sep 1957 Love’s a Luxury Hoile/Paxton
Apr 1958 Middle Watch Stephen King-Hall
1958-59 Sep 1958 Spider’s Web Agatha Christie
Apr 1959 Tons of Money Alan Ayckbourn
1959-60 Sep 1959 Browning Version Terence Rattigan
1960-61 Nov 1960 Bonaventure Charlotte Hastings
May 1961 Not in the Book Arthur Watkyn
1961-62 Dec 1961 Breath of Spring Peter Coke
May 1962 Summer in December James Liggatt
1962-63 Oct 1962 When We Are Married J B Priestley
May 1963 Friends and Neighbours Austin Steele
1963-64 Nov 1963 Murder Out of Tune Falkland L Cary
Jan 1964 Pools Paradise Philip King
Apr 1964 Intent to Murder Leslie Sands
1964-65 Oct 1964 Hot and Cold in All Rooms Max Reitmann
Feb 1965 Goodnight Mrs Puffin Arthur Lovegrove
Apr 1965 Cat on the Fiddle John Dole
1965-66 Nov 1965 Time Murderer Please Charles Dyer
Apr 1966 My Flesh, My Blood Bill Naughton
1966-67 Oct 1966 Two Dozen Red Roses Kenneth Horne
Apr 1967 A Public Mischief Kenneth Horne
1967-68 Nov 1967 Johnny Belinda Elmer Harris
Apr 1968 Person Unknown Chase/Clayton
1968-69 Nov 1968 Diplomatic Baggage John Chapman
Mar 1969 Spark in Judea R.F. Delderfield
Apr 1969 The Noble Spaniard W Somerset Maugham
1969-70 Oct 1969 It Won’t Be a Stylish Marriage A P Dearsley
Feb 1970 I’ll Get My Man Philip King
1970-71 Nov 1970 The Admirable Crichton J M Barrie
Mar 1971 A Boston Story Ronald Gow
1971-72 Oct 1971 Eh? Henry Livings
Feb 1972 Birthday Honours Paul Jones
1972-73 Oct 1972 Hindle Wakes Stanley Houghton
Apr 1973 Arms and the Man G Bernard Shaw
1973-74 Oct 1973 Plaza Suite Neil Simon
Feb 1974 Lady Precious Stream S I Hsuing
1974-75 Nov 1974 Collapse of Stout Party Trevor Peacock
Dec 1974 Augustus Does His Bit G Bernard Shaw
Apr 1975 Time and Time Again Alan Ayckbourn
1975-76 Oct 1975 The Anniversary Bill Macilwraith
Feb 1976 Home and Beauty W Somerset Maugham
1976-77 Sep 1976 Black Chiffon Lesley Storm
Mar 1977 Pillar to Post John Waterhouse
1977-78 Oct 1977 Wedding of the Year Norman Robbins
Feb 1978 Out of the Crocodile Giles Cooper
Apr 1978 The Bespoke Overcoat Wolf Mankowitz
1978-79 Nov 1978 Who Killed Santa Claus Terence Feely
Apr 1979 Two and Two Make Sex Harris/Darbon
1979-80 Oct 1979 An Inspector Calls J B Priestley
Feb 1980 Table Manners Alan Ayckbourn
1980-81 Nov 1980 Arsenic and Old Lace Joseph Kesselring
Apr 1981 Bedroom Farce Alan Ayckbourn
1981-82 Oct 1981 Outside Edge Richard Harris
Feb 1982 Blithe Spirit Noel Coward
1982-83 Oct 1982 Night Watch David Campton
Apr 1983 Round and Round the Garden Alan Ayckbourn
1983-84 Oct 1983 Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime Wilde/Cox
Feb 1984 The Prisoner of Second Avenue Neil Simon
1984-85 Oct 1984 Billy Liar Waterhouse/Hall
Nov 1984 Just Between Ourselves Alan Ayckbourn
Feb 1985 A Coat of Varnish Ronald Millar
May 1985 Children’s Day Waterhouse/Hall
1985-86 Oct 1985 Stage Struck Simon Gray
Feb 1986 Season’s Greetings Alan Ayckbourn
Apr 1986 Harvey Mary Chase
1986-87 Oct 1986 Absurd Person Singular Alan Ayckbourn
Feb 1987 The Right Honourable Gentleman M Bradley-Dyne
Apr 1987 On Golden Pond Ernest Thompson
1987-88 Oct 1987 Come On Jeeves! Wodehouse/Bolton
Feb 1988 The Skin Game John Galsworthy
Apr 1988 View from the Bridge Arthur Miller
1988-89 Oct 1988 Crimes of the Heart Beth Henley
Feb 1989 Chorus of Disapproval Alan Ayckbourn
Apr 1989 The Poker Session Hugh Leonard
1989-90 Oct 1989 Farndale Ave Murder Mystery McGillivray/Zerlin
Feb 1990 An Enemy of the People Ibsen/Miller
Apr 1990 Corpse Gerald Moon
1990-91 Oct 1990 Curtains Stephen Bill
Feb 1991 Pygmalion George Bernard Shaw
Apr 1991 The March On Russia David Storey
1991-92 Oct 1991 Steel Magnolias Robert Harling
Feb 1992 The Picture of Dorian Gray Wilde/Anderson
Apr 1992 Ten Times Table Alan Ayckbourn
1992-93 Oct 1992 Relatively Speaking Alan Ayckbourn
Feb 1993 The Light of Heart Emlyn Williams
Apr 1993 Oh Clarence! John Chapman
1993-94 Oct 1993 Separate Tables Terence Rattigan
Feb 1994 Habeas Corpus Alan Bennett
Apr 1994 Entertaining Mr Sloane Joe Orton
1994-95 Oct 1994 House Guest Francis Durbridge
Feb 1995 A Night on the Tiles Frank Vickery
Apr 1995 Time and Time Again Alan Ayckbourn
1995-96 Oct 1995 Bazaar and Rummage Sue Townsend
Feb 1996 Run For Your Wife Ray Cooney
Apr 1996 Beyond Reasonable Doubt Jeffrey Archer
1996-97 Oct 1996 When We Are Married J B Priestley
Feb 1997 Loot Joe Orton
Apr 1997 Natural Causes Eric Chappell
1997-98 Oct 1997 Cat’s Cradle Leslie Sands
Feb 1998 Straight and Narrow Jimmie Chinn
Apr 1998 Haunted Eric Chappell
1998-99 Oct 1998 Sylvia’s Wedding Jimmie Chinn
Feb 1999 Bedroom Farce Alan Ayckbourn
Apr 1999 Theft Eric Chappell
1999-2000 Oct 1999 The Killing of Sister George Frank Marcus
Feb 2000 Who Killed Santa Claus Terence Feely
Apr 2000 The Odd Couple (Female Version) Neil Simon
2000-01 Oct 2000 Murder for the Asking Derek Benfield
Feb 2001 The Deep Blue Sea Terence Rattigan
Apr 2001 Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime Wilde/Cox
2001-02 Oct 2001 Day of Reckoning Pam Valentine
Feb 2002 It Runs in the Family Ray Cooney
Apr 2002 Triple Chinn Jimmie Chinn
2002-03 Oct 2002 Clerical Errors Georgina Reid
Feb 2003 Heatstroke Eric Chappell
Apr 2003 Relative Values Noel Coward
Jun 2003 Respecting Your Piers Peter Quilter
2003-04 Oct 2003 Pack of Lies Hugh Whitemore
Feb 2004 Fly in the Ointment Derek Benfield
Apr 2004 Plaza Suite Neil Simon
Jun 2004 Elsie and Norm’s MacBeth J C Wood
2004-05 Oct 2004 The Prisoner of Second Avenue Neil Simon
Feb 2005 Fiddlers Three Eric Chappell
Apr 2005 Dead Guilty Richard Harris
Jun 2005 Barefoot in the Park Neil Simon
Jul 2005 A Midsummer Night’s Dream William Shakespeare
2005-06 Oct 2005 Blood Money The Heather Brothers
Feb 2006 The Trouble With Old Lovers Angela Huth
Apr 2006 Blithe Spirit Noel Coward
Jun 2006 Steel Magnolias Robert Harling
Jul 2006 Twelfth Night William Shakespeare
2006-07 Oct 2006 Journey’s End R.C Sherrif
Feb 2007 Our Town Thornton Wilder
Apr 2007 Abigail’s Party Mike Leigh
Jun 2007 Summer End Eric Chappell
2007-08 Oct 2007 Dangerous Liaisons Christopher Hampton
Feb 2008 Moon Over Buffalo Ken Ludwig
Apr 2008 A Passionate Woman Kay Mellor
Jun 2008 Oysters and Snails Philip Holyman
2008-09 Oct 2008 Fly Me to The Moon John Godber
Feb 2009 The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole… Sue Townsend
Apr 2009 Treehouses Elizabeth Kuti
Jun 2009 The Shakespeare Review Luscombe/ McKee
2009-10 Oct 2009 Educating Rita Willy Russell
Feb 2010 London Suite Neil Simon
Apr 2010 Flatspin Alan Ayckbourn
Jun 2010 Rope Patrick Hamilton
2010-11 Oct 2010 Spring & Port Wine Bill Naughton
Feb 2011 Something’s Burning Eric Chappell
Apr 2011 The History Boys Alan Bennett
Jun 2011 Duets Peter Quilter
2011-12 Oct 2011 The Graduate Terry Johnson
Feb 2012 Allo ‘Allo Croft/ Lloyd
Apr 2012 Pygmalion George Bernard Shaw
Jun 2012 Little Shop of Horrors Ashman/ Menken
2012-13 Oct 2012 Calendar Girls Tim Firth
Feb 2013 Life And Beth Alan Ayckbourn
Apr 2013 Harvey Mary Chase
Jun 2013 The Glass Menagerie Tennessee Williams
2013-14 Oct 2013 Ghost Writer David Tristram
Feb 2014 Stepping Out Richard Harris
Apr 2014 The Railway Children Mike Kenny
Jun 2014 Flare Path Terence Rattigan
2014-15 Oct 2014 Cash On Delivery Michael Cooney
Feb 2015 Present From The Past Richard Everett
Apr 2015 The Memory Of Water Sheelagh Stephenson
Jun 2015 Volunteers Hilary Mackelden
2015-16 Oct 2015 Dracula H Deane & JL Balderstone
Feb 2016 Brief Encounter Noel Coward/Emma Rice
Apr 2016 Caught In The Net Ray Cooney
Jun 2016 Veronica’s Room Ira Levin
2016-17 Oct 2016 Bunkered Lynn Brittney
Feb 2017 Glorious Peter Quilter
Apr 2017 A Streetcar Named Desire Tennessee Williams
Jun 2017 God Of Carnage Yasmina Reza
2017-18 Feb 2018 The Ghost Train Arnold Ridley
Apr 2018 Make It Murder Jack Last

Performing in Walsall since 1947

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