About Us


The Fellowship Players have existed in their present form since 1947, following the merger of the St. Matthew’s Players and the St. Luke’s Players, two independent theatre groups operating in the centre of Walsall.

The Fellowship first appeared at the Grange Playhouse in November 1965, putting on two plays per year, and the theatre has been at the heart of the company’s activities ever since. We added a third date to our schedule at the Playhouse from the 1984/1985 season onwards and a fourth from the 2002/2003 season. In summer 2005 and 2006 a fifth date was temporarily added to the Fellowship’s calendar as we performed two Shakespeare productions at St. Francis of Assisi Technical College in Aldridge.

The Fellowship Players are an amateur dramatics group and are a not for profit organisation run by committee, making regular donations to local charities.

Details of Committee Members:


Chair Gerry Joyce
Vice-Chair Kay Munday
Honorary Treasurer Derrick Clenton
Honorary Secretary Alan Lowe
Publicity Officer Steph Evans
Ticket Secretary Anne Chamberlain
Trustees Rep Brian Lycett
Set Construction Rep Sam Evans
Front of House Co-ordinator Michelle Smith
Social Secretary Rachel Holmes
Drama Directorate Rep Stephen Ralph
Drama Directorate Members Craig Hobson, Rachel Holmes, Michelle Jennings, Stephen Ralph, Dawn Vigurs
General Company Reps Jill Simkin, Dawn Vigurs

Performing in Walsall since 1947

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